Corporate Network Solutions Sell a wide variety of High Quality hardware and software products that will not only suit your requirements but will also accommodate your budget.

We Sell Notebooks of the highest quality backed by honourable warranties and excellent after sale service. Our wide variety of notebooks are sure to keep you and your staff mobile and on the move allowing you to face the various challenges in life and business without having to be in the office 24 hrs a day.

Notebooks & Tablets

Consumer PC's

We sell leading manufacturer PC's that can be customised according to your requirements. Whether you need a gaming PC, a home word processing PC or a high capacity PC to face all your work challenges and increase your companies productivity we can assist you.

From Deskjet to Designjet to Laserjet , whether you need a printer to print your childrens school projects or a high volume printer to print financial year end reports, we can assist you in not only increasing your printing speeds but also lowering your consumable costs

Printers & Plotters

Screens & TV's

We sell CRT's, TFT's and Plasma Screens of the highest quality, whether you looking for a 15'' desktop display or a 43'' Plasma TV we can assist you with your requirement.

We sell servers of the highest quality that will keep your users productive and your data safe, So whether you a SMME, Corporate or Government Agency we can assist you with your server requirements.


Whether you looking to expand your network, implement a wireless network or simply looking to speed up your sluggish network we sell high quality networking products at affordable prices.


We sell a wide variety of flash drives, Tape Drives, Internal or External Sata / IDE Hard drive, CD-ROM, CD/DVD Writers, CD/DVD Media, Bluetooth adapters, Tape Media, Stiffy Disks, call us today for a quotation.

With the increasing amount of power failures your company or pc is at risk of being damaged and possible data loss can occur, Call us today to find out how we can assist you in proactively protecting your equipment with a UPS', Generator and/or  other surge protection product.

Surge Protection


We sell a wide variety of Projectors, each projector differs in quality of display, size weight look and feel. So should you be looking for a trendy projector for the use as a TV in your sitting room or require a light weight projector for on the move presentations, we will be able to provide you with the right for your application.


Require a new keyboard, mouse, PowerPoint presenter? we sell a full range of both wired and wireless devices that will not only suit your requirement but also accommodate your budget.

Peripheral Devices

2 Channel, 5.1 Channel or 7.1 Channel surround sound? MP3 Player?  TV Tuner Card

We Sell a huge variety of entertainment products that will turn your plain old PC into a entertainment unit.


Is your notebook bag perishing or inconveniencing you, We sell various notebook carry cases, backpacks and pull along's that come standard with a lifetime warranty. Call us today so we can assist you with a new notebook bag.

Notebook Carry Bags



Add on cards


Upgrades & Chassis

We sell a wide variety of accessories including notebook security devices, cables, adapters, batteries, etc.

Anything from Microsoft to Corel to adobe and many other leading software packages we sell them all.

We can assist in all your Retail, OEM or volume licensing Requirements for leading software brands.

Anything from Microsoft to Corel to adobe and many other leading software packages we sell them all.

We can assist in all your Retail, OEM or volume licensing Requirements for leading software brands.

When your PC becomes to slow or doesn't meet your requirements anymore dont just buy a new one, Upgrade.

You can upgrade your current PC for a fraction of the cost of a new workstation. Give us a call today.

Whether you looking for a smartphone, A PDA or a GPS Navigation unit we have the right product for you

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